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Transfer students

The following procedure is applicable to candidates holding a non-Italian high school qualification who wish to transfer credits from a non-Italian university.


Applications for a transfer are only allowed if you meet the following conditions:

  1. Your high school qualification satisfies the entry requirements for the programme.
  2. The courses and the exams you successfully passed at university were fully delivered in English.
  3. You satisfy the English language requirement. 
    (The International Admissions Office reserves the right to ask for further clarifications if needed).
  4. You must have achieved a satisfactory overall standing in all previous university studies at an accredited degree-granting institution and have experienced no extensive academic difficulty to be considered for admission.


Before applying for a transfer, you should take into consideration that:

  • If you studied for less than one complete academic year, you may receive an offer for admission for the first year of the programme of your choice prior to the evaluation of transferrable credits. Due to the high level of competition for entry to the first year of the bachelor and limited places available, the request for a transfer of credits will be processed only after the payment of the deposit.
  • In general, the number of credits from  International curricula recognized is partial and you may be asked to join the first year of the programme from its start.
  • The academic board will evaluate the transfer of those credits that you have already earned. Therefore, only the exams indicated on the transcripts of academic records provided at the time of application will be taken into consideration.

Application procedure and required documents

Please follow the same application procedures and timelines as candidates who are not requesting a transfer. If you have doubts, please check the relevant sections of the programme of your choice. 

A 75€ application fee is mandatory for all transfer requests.

Upload the following additional documents:

  • An official transcript of academic records where we can clearly identify:
    • The name of the university that issued it
    • The grades, credits and passing date of each exam
    • The transcript issuing date
    • Your name, last name and badge number
    • An explanation of the grading and credit systems used by your current university
  • The detailed syllabus of each course that you already attended and passed.
  • A certificate issued by the university stating that the degree programme attended is entirely taught in English.

The official transcript of academic records must be sent directly from the issuing university to the International Admissions Office of Università Cattolica by email (international.admissions@unicatt.it).

In order to assess the number of credits that can be transferred, the academic board will evaluate if the content, level and workload for each course that you passed is comparable to any of the subjects included in the study plan of the Bachelor degree offered by Università Cattolica.

Please note that the evaluation of transfer request takes about 8-10 working weeks from the day the application form is complete with all the required documents.