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Accommodation in Milan

Università Cattolica, in collaboration with MIL SERVICE, SRL, is now promoting various housing solutions for students coming to Cattolica on an exchange or study abroad programme. 

Students are invited to carefully read the information on this page and to follow the booking instructions provided. Please click on the blue buttons below.

Note for students who have guaranteed housing: a housing placement in a double/triple room is pre-arranged for you. MIL Service will contact you directly with all the necessary information to confirm your placement. Housing benefits begin on the official date of arrival and last until the end of the placement period.


EDUCatt is a non-profit foundation entrusted by Università Cattolica with the task of providing services related to the right to study in favour of students during their university career.

EDUCatt provides several housing solutions. The “On Campus Residences” are accessible via a yearly selection.

For any information please refer to EDUCatt – housing solutions department:
via Necchi 9, 20123 Milano – First floor
No. 02 86450740
@: info.dsu@educatt.it

Student housing options in the city of Milan are as numerous as they are varied. International students looking for accommodation can explore possible solutions on the websites listed below.

Università Cattolica partners

These housing search platforms and residence halls have direct agreements with Cattolica.


Non-Cattolica partners

While we do not necessarily have agreements with these other housing platforms and Cattolica cannot provide any kind of guarantee of placement or satisfaction, they have proven to be popular and reliable among Cattolica students.

IMPORTANT: Some of these sites act as intermediaries and apply commissions for each placement, in which case all housing offers have been properly vetted. Other sites simply manage listings and announcements by third parties, either management companies or individuals. Although these housing search platforms monitor and try to prevent the posting of fraudulent offers, some may still make their way onto the platform. Make sure you have the full name, contact information and address of the renter, and make sure to request a copy of your rent contract and identity document of the renter before transferring any funds to them. Should you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the offer you’ve found via any of the platforms, do contact the platform management to request vetting of the contact or to report a suspected fraudulent posting. Università Cattolica cannot be held responsible for any announcements or posting made by third parties on any of the sites listed here. 

Other useful resources

  • ESNUnicatt is the International Students Association at Cattolica. You can contact them at milano_unicatt@esn.it specifying what you are looking for (double or single room, price and area in Milan). They will respond in a couple of days.