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Accommodation in Milan

Università Cattolica, in collaboration with MIL SERVICE, SRL, is now promoting various housing solutions for students coming to Cattolica on an exchange, study abroad, or degree programme. 

Students are invited to carefully read the information on this page and to follow the booking instructions provided. 

This housing option is only available for students with garanteed housing agreements.
  • Single or shared room in shared apartment (1 double room + 1 single room, 1 bath)
  • Shared room in apartment (1 double room, 1 bath)


  • Airport pick up from the airport on official arrival day at specific time: 10.00, 13.00 and 17.00
  • Unlimited wifi/internet
  • Monthly cleaning service
  • Set of bed linen (two sheets and one pillow case), blanket and towels (one big and one small)
  • Utilities
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Consierge service (Mon - Fri 08:30 - 12:30, 15:00 - 18:00. Saturdays 08:30 - 12:30)
  • Gym room*
  • Air conditioning 

*to access the fitness Room, availble one hour per week to students with reservation, residents must present a medical certificate attesting good health for non-professional sports activities. A non-Italian medical certificate is accepted if provided in English. The certificate must be signed by the medical provider and stamped. Additionally, residents much have a valid non-EU COVID-19 vaccine certification (Green pass) or equivalent.

Additional services available per request and at additional cost:

  • Laundry room (coin operated)

COVID-19 Policy

Read here the Bicocca Village Residence Covid-19 Policy.



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The Bicocca Village Residence (also called the Bicocca Social Campus) is a brand new building completed in 2021, located in a neighbourhood on the Purple metro line (4) across from a commercial centre (food court, shops, movie theatre, etc.) and close to the State University Bicocca. It is also located close to Parco Nord, the largest park in the wider city of Milan. 

All apartments are only one year old and newly furnished. Rooms are divided into mini apartments with different compositions. The residence hall is meant for students, young professionals, and in some cases families located on dedicated floors of the building. 

To get to Università Cattolica students would take the M4 line to Garibaldi station and change to the Green line (M2) for 4 stops to Sant’Ambrogio / Università Cattolica stop. Average travel time is 35/40 minutes.

How to book your room at the Bicocca Village Residence

If you are an ISEP student or if housing is guaranteed per the agreement between Cattolica and your home institution, a place will have been pre-booked for you. MIL Service will contact you with the placement confirmation.

These housing options are available for students without garanteed housing agreements.
  • D’ALVIANO (4 single rooms, 2 double rooms, 4 baths)
  • TELESIO (2 double room, 1 single room, 1 bath)
  • SAN GENESIO 1 (1 double room, 2 single rooms, 2 baths)
  • SAN GENESIO 2 (2 double room, 2 baths)
  • POMPEO LEONI (2 double rooms, 2 baths) 
  • ORIANI (2 double rooms, 2 baths) 
  • PAPINIANO 3 (1 double room, 1 single room, 1 bath) 
  • PAPINIANO 7 (1 double room, 1 bath) 

Depending on demand and availability at the above apartments, additional placements may be made in other apartments operated by partnering organisations. Should places no longer be available, MIL Service may offer a placement at another apartment at similar conditions. 


Housing costs may vary depending on programme and/or per agreement with the student’s home institution, if applicable. Students will be sent relevant cost information when invited to by International Student Services to submit a booking request or application.

Students are expected to pay an additional refundable deposit of €500 prior to their move-in date. This amount will be returned after the student has moved out and once the residence will have completed a full inspection of the room/apartment. The student will be informed if damages are charged and deducted from the deposit.  

Services included

  • Wifi/internet
  • Monthly cleaning service
  • Set of bed linen (two sheets and one pillow case), blanket and towels (one big and one small)
  • Utilities
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Air Conditioning if available 
  • Washing machine if available

Additional services at additional cost

  • Airport pickup
  • Laundry room with coins


COVID-19 Policy
Read here the Apartments Covid-19 Policy

How to Book your room in one of the MIL Service Apartments

All students may contact MIL Service to request information about availabilities. 

Students interested in booking a room at one of the MIL Service apartments must apply through the website http://www.milservice.com/student-accomodation/milano/

Student housing options in the city of Milan are as numerous as they are varied. International students looking for accommodation can explore possible solutions on the websites listed on this page.

Università Cattolica partners

These housing search platforms and residence halls have direct agreements with Cattolica.


Non-Cattolica partners

While we do not necessarily have agreements with these other housing platforms and Cattolica cannot provide any kind of guarantee of placement or satisfaction, they have proven to be popular and reliable among Cattolica students.

IMPORTANT: Some of these sites act as intermediaries and apply commissions for each placement, in which case all housing offers have been properly vetted. Other sites simply manage listings and announcements by third parties, either management companies or individuals. Although these housing search platforms monitor and try to prevent the posting of fraudulent offers, some may still make their way onto the platform. Make sure you have the full name, contact information and address of the renter, and make sure to request a copy of your rent contract and identity document of the renter before transferring any funds to them. Should you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the offer you’ve found via any of the platforms, do contact the platform management to request vetting of the contact or to report a suspected fraudulent posting. Università Cattolica cannot be held responsible for any announcements or posting made by third parties on any of the sites listed here. 

Other useful resources

  • ESNUnicatt is the International Students Association at Cattolica. You can contact them at milano_unicatt@esn.it specifying what you are looking for (double or single room, price and area in Milan). They will respond in a couple of days.
  • EDUCatt is the non-profit organization to which Università Cattolica (UCSC) has entrusted the management of different student services, including student housing for degree-seeking students. Places in EDUCatt-run residence halls are very limited and are allocated via a selective application and an entry test in July. You can find out more about the application process, as well as other alternatives promoted by EDUCatt, on their webpage.