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Sport Facilities

Centro universitario sportivo (CUS)

The CUS (Centro Universitario Sportivo) has 11 division teams, athletics, rugby, tennis, sailing, swimming and water polo, ice hockey, rowing, canoeing, volleyball, softball and basketball, and a number of fitness courses that are open to any student at any level. CUS Milano is the perfect place for anyone who loves sport: it offers the chance to participate in the various activity sections and sports clubs either on a recreational or a competitive basis. And that's not all: CUS Milano also organises tournaments between the various university faculties, and both summer and winter international sports meetings with representatives of foreign universities and campuses.

The CUS information point is located on main campus (Largo Gemelli), @Polo studenti, counter 7.

Office hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 10.00 – 13.00
Wednesday 13.00 – 16.00

Team sports

If you want to be part of a sports team (volleyball, soccer, basketball), you can take part to the selections that take place every year in October: Read more.

Medical Certificate for non-professional sports activities

In order to access fitness centres and gyms in Italy, students must have a valid medical certificate (the validity is usually 1 year since the date of issuance). In some cases, a medical certificate from a general practitioner outside of Italy, may be accepted if provided in English, with GP’s signature and stamp. Depending on the type of sport, specific requirements may have to be met, such as ECG read, etc. 
In Italy, it is possible to get a medical certificate at private health centres for an average cost of 30 € to 60 €.