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Studium Musicale di Ateneo Note d’inChiostro

Do you want to sing in a choir? Can you play any musical instrument and would you like to be part of an ensemble? Help us promote and organise musical and cultural events at our University. The musical community “Note d’inChiostro” offers to all students and international students the possibility to follow a music-cultural itinerary, with the collaboration of some of the professors of the Athaeneum together with some experts of the concerned disciplines. Our instrumental and vocal soloists together with the Choir and the Ensemble are available for all the University institutional educational and cultural events, taking place at the University or outside. “Note d’inChiostro” organises concerts, courses, seminars, academic laboratories and Summer Schools.

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YesMilano students digital card

You can enjoy Milan with the YesMilano students digital card, starting from your arrival and continuing throughout your stay. Take advantage of discounts, useful information, and exclusive cultural offers for free. You can view the offers and benefits as well as read the latest news by browsing the YesMilano website
Cattolica International will send you the code to activate your personal Card a few days before your arrival in Milan.

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