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Adapting to a new culture can be exciting yet challenging. The student associations wil help you feel like at home!
What is the Buddy Program?
The Buddy Program at Cattolica is a welcome and support service to help international exchange students settle into University life at Cattolica, even for our Virtual Programs.

How does it Work?
Before the beginning of each semester or short program, the International Student Services team will send you a link to register on the Broaddy Website. You will be asked to fill out a form where you can tell us a little a bit about yourself and you will be matched with a Buddy/Mentor. 

Who are the Mentors? 
Mentors are Cattolica students who have had a study abroad experience.  This puts them in a unique position to help international exchange students because they have been in the same situation as you when they first arrived at their destination.

How will I meet my Mentor? 
Your mentor will get in touch with you before the start of the semester, either by Whatsapp or email.  

Benefits of joining the Buddy Program

  • Make new friends
  • Learn Italian language and culture
  • Get helpful information about school policies and procedures (icatt, BB)
  • Clarify doubts before your start you semester
  • Receive information about the services offered by the University
  • Gain insights in how to adapt and adjust to a virtual learning experience in another culture/language 


What if the semester is virtual? Should I still join?
Absolutely! It might even make more sense!

We know that this is not the exchange/study abroad experience we all had in mind, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make the most of it and get to know some Italian students studying virtually like yourself. 

In addition, having a buddy/mentor can be very helpful as you navigate through your virtual educational experience in a new environment.

The student association ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is going to welcome you in Milan upon arrival, during the Orientation Events, and will assist you throughout the semester/year. Some of the activities organized include:
  • Language sharing
  • Assistance in finding an apartment
  • Trips
  • Aperitivo and dinner
  • Cultural events
  • Sporting activities
  • City tours
  • Nights out