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Cattolica International

Entry requirements

The entry requirements are based on the latest guidelines for admission published by the Italian Ministry for Education and apply to all students with foreign qualifications, independently of their nationality, both for qualifications awarded in European Union (EU) and non-EU countries.  
  1. Eligible candidates need to hold a high school diploma.
  2. Eligible candidates need to hold an undergraduate degree or be enrolled in the final year of their undergraduate degree.
  3. Entry to second cycle programmes is possible if the undergraduate degree manifests all of the following characteristics:
    1. It is an official first cycle qualification of the relevant foreign higher education system, 
    2. It is a qualification issued by a higher education institution regularly accredited or recognized in the awarding country. If you studied in a third country, the institution where studies were located has to be accredited or recognized in the country where it operates,
    3. It is a qualification that allows entry to comparable second cycle programme in the relevant foreign higher education system.
  4. It is a qualification showing corresponding elements to the Italian qualification required for entry to a Master universitario di I livello, such as the academic nature, research elements, duration of the programme and total ECTS (min. 3 years and 180 ECTS), total years of schooling (15 years are usually required).
  5. The undergraduate degree must be obtained:
    1. EU citizens: before the start of the programme.
    2. Non-EU citizens: at least two months prior to the start of the programme.

Suitability of the academic degree for admission to Master Universitari di I livello is established by the university receiving the application: each university sets its own criteria and regulations (including required documentation) for admission and enrolment in a study programme.
Admission is based on the evaluation of the academic documents submitted with the application, while enrolment is subject to the verification of the validity of the qualification obtained.

Students must be able to excel in courses that are reading and writing intensive.

Candidates who meet both general and programme-specific entry requirements will have to take an online interview with the Master committee, aimed at checking their motivation to study the programme and their awareness of the subject.