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10 May 2024

Raffaella Iafrate, Pro-Rector delegate for Equal Opportunities at Università Cattolica, discusses how generational gaps impact university communities, emphasizing the importance of building strong connections based on respect and dignity.

9 May 2024

We interviewed Professor Luigi d'Alonzo, Rector's Delegate for Inclusion. He stressed that being cultured means making inclusivity a habit and a core value. Università Cattolica’s services foster a culture of accessibility and inclusive thinking.

9 May 2024

We interviewed Professor Elena Marta, President of EDUCatt, a foundation providing services related to the right to study at Università Cattolica. She emphasized the accessibility of psychological support services.

25 May 2023

Professor Stefano Baraldi, the former coordinator of the MSc in Management at Università Cattolica, discusses the impact of Double Degree agreements on the reputation of the Faculty of Economics and the role of internationalisation in EFMD accreditation.

16 February 2023

In the fast-paced era of Big Data, technological advancements are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible and the chatbot everyone is talking about - ChatGPT - is no exception.

30 May 2022

The SUCTI project sheds a light on how internationalisation at home is an effective tool to train the administrative staff, who are a crucial cornerstone in implementing a successful internationalisation strategy in any university.

18 March 2021

Professor Graffigna knows that everything is constantly changing and evolving. Her research tracked those psychological parameters that capture people’s changing moods, concerns, and emotions.

18 March 2021

What if we told you that you could take a successful MBA and make it accessible to young talented professionals across Africa? Professor Mario Molteni recounts the journey that took him to develop an outstanding international MBA programme.

18 March 2021

Professor Roberto Zoboli, Rector’s Delegate for Scientific Research and Sustainability, evaluates this past year of the pandemic in light of Università Cattolica’s achievements in terms of collaborations and papers.

7 February 2020

Cultural traditions are powerful but what happens when these traditions affect the health and integrity of individuals? Professor Lucia Corno and her team are coming up with policies to raise awareness of the dangers of such forms of violence.

24 September 2019

Having international students is an important source of diversity, and making sure they are satisfied is imperative. Based on Dr. Ammigan’s studies, just what are the key factors to student satisfaction and in what areas can institutions improve?

Autistic pupils are increasing in Italian schools, and to facilitate integration in the classroom, scholars from Italy, Great Britain and Greece are working to provide teachers with new tools and best practices.